Product Series >JD PV BOX 0406-B2

Product features

1、Real-time monitoring
Intelligent sensor junction box real - time monitor the Voltage of three groups of solar cells in the module according to the heart impulse from the system,and the detection result will be transferred to the relay by wireless radio frequency.
2、Digital detection and transmission
Intelligent sensor junction box adopts AD Conversion interface with high precision of 10 bit to realize the working voltage digitization,and it will be transfered by ISM band wireless channel after the frequency is modulated.
3、Multiple address information channel allocation
Systems adpot TDMA and FDMA technology to distinguish modules of different arrays,which ensures that each relay is able to manage thousands of intelligent sensor junction boxes in the modules.
4、Hardware ID code
Every intelligent sensor junction box has unique digital ID,and the detection data can be detailed to the cell string of the moudule,convenient to peer-to-peer communication and control in the expanded system.
5、Position system
Through the barcodes records of the installation,it is able to realize peer-to-peer tracking of the intelligent sensor junction box in the PV array,convenient to roubleshooting.
6、Open sofeware packages
Friendly data structure and open testing interface are convenient for customer to integrate the detaction data from the intelligent junction box and self-owned system.