Product Series >JD PV BOX 0403 E1

Product Features:
1. The body of the box is made of engineering plastics PPO, and it is more suitable to be used in middle-high latitude sub-tropics.
2. The cover and the base are connected in clasp way, which is easy and reliable to operate. Retaining grooves are designed on both sides of the box to resolve the inconvenience caused by cables during production.
3. The innovative design of aerial construction at the bottom of the box and the design of wind tunnel to accelerate heat dissipation inside can prevent the rear panel affected by heat transfer in the box, thus avoid impact on generating efficiency.
4.  We use low loop resistance which is industry-leading, the resistance value is less than 10 m Ω..
5. With different number of diodes, the product can apply to mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline modules in four-wire holder with power between 150W and 300W. The thickness of the framework is more than or equal to 30mm.