Product Series >LJ-02

Product Features:
1. The installation method of this type is easy, convenient and safe. Its design fully consider the unique contour of human body, that is, in the finger grasped area it is designed to have arc shape which is consistent with the shape of our fingers. And its anti-skid texture will make the operator more comfortable.
2. It applies unique rear-insert way to assemble. This product is applicable to cables with different diameters.
3. The innovative design of positive and negative terminal structure makes the contact resistance of contact area less than 0.2 m Ω. The structure of conducting ring is made of imported copper through stamping process.
4. It is able to carry very high current and withstand high voltage.
5. Strong self-locking function meets the requirement of pull-out force.
6. It has strong shock resistance function.
7. With excellent sealing design, the degree of dustproof and waterproof can reach IP67.
8. The superior resin material we used not only meet fireproofing grade of UL94-V0, it also added anti-aging and ultraviolet resistance function. Thus the product can be used outdoor for a long time.
9. We have applied for patent protection for this product.
Utility Model Patent No. is 201020209799.2 and 201020209796.9.
International Patent No. is PCT/CN2010/075648.
Appearance Patent No. is 201030185903.4 and 201030185893.4.