Product Series >JD PV BOX 0403/6-D1





Product Features:
1. The cover and the base are made of engineering plastics PPO with excellent weather resistance and electrical performance. Flame-retardant parts are used to contact the high temperature parts, which ensures the product will not deform in high temperature for a long time. Besides, it is an effective solution to reduce diodes’ temperature during working. Through adding side heat conductors between terminals, it effectively lowered the high temperature in the center, and makes temperature distributed well inside the box.
2. Plug-in mounting method of the diodes makes it easy for changing. The design of increasing the contact area of conductive place enhances its conductivity and ensures the lowest contact resistance and superior conductivity between conductors such as diodes, terminals etc. The contact resistance value for this kind of structure is less than 0.25 m Ω, saving 38% resistance loss compared with general structures.
3. The cover and the base are connected in clasp way, which is easy and reliable to operate.  There is a special structure designed on the cover to prevent reverse assembly.
4. We have applied for patent protection for this product.
Utility Model Patent No. is 201020035284.2.