Product Series >JD PV-BOX 0406-C1

Main Technical Specification:
System Voltage:                        DC1000V
By-pass Current:                        10/14A
Operating Temperature:         -40℃~+85℃
Safety Class:                             Class Ⅱ
Degree of Protection:                   IP67
Harness Specification:                  4mm2
Metal Terminal Material:      Copper, galvanizing tin
Standard:                                   TUV, UL
Structure L/W/H:                153mm×135mm×19mm
Product Features:
1. Heat Dissipation:The cover is made of aluminum, which can conduct and dissipate a large amount of heat from the diodes. With suspending framework structure, air convection formed in the back will help heat emission, thus the temperature inside the box will cool very fast, to ensure it work under safer and more reliable operating condition.
2. Conductivity:The diodes packaged in D2PACK way and tight connect of contact areas, which makes the contact resistance value less than 0.15mΩ and saves 64% resistance loss compared with general structures.
3. Waterproof: With double sealing structure, the waterproof effect is even better compared with other structures.
4. Ultrathin:The design of overall structure is compact, reasonable, ultrathin and light, which lowers the load of backplane,thus makes it more reliable after installation.
5. We have applied for patent protection for this product.
Utility Model Patent No. is 200920049383.3.
Appearance Patent No. is 201030266437.1.