Product Series >JD PV BOX 0406-B1

Main Technical Specification:
Rated Voltage:                          1000V
Rated Current:                             16A
Operating Temperature:      -40℃~+90℃
Safety Class:                           Class Ⅱ
Degree of Protection:                 IP65
Harness Specification:               4mm2
Metal Terminal Material:     Copper, galvanizing tin
Flame Class:                             UL94-V0
Contact Resistance:                 ﹤0.3mΩ
Product Features:
1. Conductivity: It is suited to use in low latitude tropics. It improves the efficiency of power generation.
2. Extend service life: Compared with plastic junction box, the service life of this type is lengthened at least five years.
3. High insulation: It operates safely and stably at 1100V voltage.
4. Meet the electricity leakage protection requirement in U.S. market.
5. We have applied for patent protection for this product.
Utility Model Patent No. is 200920049394.4.
Appearance Patent No. is 200930257428.3.