Product Series >JD PV BOX 0406-A1

Main technical specification:
Rated Voltage:                         1000V
Rated Current:                         16A
Operating Temperature:     -40℃~+90℃
Safety Class:                        Class Ⅱ
Degree of Protection:             IP65
Harness Specification:           4mm2
Metal terminal Material:   Copper, galvanizing tin
Flame Class:                       UL94-V0
Contact Resistance:            ﹤0.3mΩ
Product Features:
1. The cove is made of aluminum alloy with convex cooling fin, and the base is made of PPO material. Its excellent heat dissipation makes it ideally suited for use in low latitude tropics.
2. Inside it is high temperature resistance structure. It can insulate the high temperature area and ensure the product will not deform in high temperature.
3. The cover and the base are connected by stainless screw; the sealing performance is stable and reliable.
4. We use low loop resistance which is industry-leading, the resistance value is less than 10mΩ.
5. It is applied to mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline modules in four-wire holder with power between 200W and 300W. The frame thickness is more than or equal to 40mm.
6. We have applied for patent protection for this product.
   Utility Mode Patent No. is 200920049394.4.
   Appearance Patent No. is 200930257425.0.