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Great Success in the 11th China Photovoltaic Meeting and Exhibition

       In November 18 to 20, our company took part in the 11th China Photovoltaic Meeting in the Nanjing International Expo Center, held by the Jiangsu development and reform commission; Jiangsu economy and informatization commission, Jiangsu provincial science and technology hall, Jiangsu energy administration, Chinese renewable energy association and Jiangsu photovoltaic industry association. We achieved a complete success. The day before the meeting, the afternoon of November 17, Jiangsu governor Luo Zhijun, Secretary-general Han Qinghua and other leaders of this exposition came to visit the exhibition, held a meeting of enterprisers and pull open the prelude of this PV exhibition. There are 308 business exhibiting companies, the area is 14,000㎡, and the number of exhibition is about 60,000.

(Photo 1) Our chairman Lv Jikun and Jia Xiangpo accompanied LuoZhiJun of CPC Jiangsu provincial party committee member, deputy secretary, and Jiangsu provincial governor, reviewed the Nanjing Photovoltaic Exhibition and made a report of our company’s development plan.

     In this exhibition, we are located in A-7. As the first stage of a new company producing junction boxes, it attracted numerous visitors. In the recent two years, a lot of enterprises in junction boxes come into being, but we don’t take the timely bus, and we chose to break in this field when the market competition is perfervid. As for this exhibition, our company is succeeded to some extent and is got the well attention of Jiangsu provincial governor LuoZhiJun and the chairman of Wuxi Suntech Shi ZhengLong.

(Photo 2) With the accompaniment of our manager Lv Jikun, the chairman of Wuxi Suntech visites our exhibition stand, manager Lv introduces the features of production and development plan of our company, and chairman Shi shows the great interested in cooperation idea.
       We detrude two kinds of production ultrathin light type, strength heat dissipation type, and intelligence test type. We also break the simple functionality of traditional junction boxes, come up with the idea of intelligent junction boxes and put it into practice. These two types production have the great advantages in performance and quality compared with the common products in the market. Our products have been designed to solve the problem of calorific diode. The top cover is the material of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy, a large area of convex and concave cooling pin exists in the heating surface, and the base is from PPO. They have no problem of the disadvantages of traditional junction boxes, and improve the property of electric conduction. All of these bring the great breakthrough and technical innovation of the junction boxes. At the same time, it also provides a new solution way for the modules and system, and the first intelligent test solves the problem of test for the photovoltaic system. During this exhibition, our stand is attracted a lot of relative people. To some extent, this exhibition brings us great encourage and confidence.

(Photo 3) Our company attracts a lot of consultants, and they show great interests and ask for product information

(Photo 4) people at home and abroad pay close attention to our junction boxes
      Located in middle and high-end market, we pursue the functionalities of photovoltaic generating system to bring more return for the customers. In the future competition of modules, the module customers and terminal users will ask for this kind of product with good quality and brand. We take the product quality as survival lifeline, move the customers with steady quality and innovation, and create a national brand by production and management. Meanwhile, we want to have a good show to the world and pure into some new energy to this junction boxes market. We have the confidence the sophisticated competition is the best driving force to promote the development of this industry.
(photo 5) wireless intelligence sense test system